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a b o u t . a s c i i

Spawned as the bastard child of my leviathan wit and inability to draw characters by hand, the ascii comic is a series of panels set to grow up to be best astronaut / prime minister / interior decorator of the new millennium. Or I'll get fat, lazy, run out of ideas and give up without notice.

ascii was first published in Waikato University's Nexus magazine in March of 2003 using the pseudonym 'Roy Cunningham', and later deemed the bee's fucking knees by Chaff magazine (Massey University) and began print there in July 2003. At the start of the 2004 uni semester, Wellington student mag Salient jumped on the bandwagon, as did the Critic website. That leaves the Auckland and Christchuch mags...

There are two university semesters a year, and twelve weeks of lectures / student magazine publication, subsequently there will be twenty four ascii comics a year.

ansi is a sexy cousin of ascii. It was drawn up for a local music zine - partly to expand my tragic empire, and partly to see if I could accomplish anything in just one panel. It managed a mighty six installments in Buzz before the editor lazily gave up, and now Guzumo is kind enough to have it in print. If you haven't already spotted it, it's scattered in amongst the ascii comics.

Because I'm a amateur attention whore, contact me if my work made you angry / insulted / sexually gratified / understood / fangorious / smug / depressed / good. Or if you want to pedal my wares in your magazine.
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