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seventeen / october / oh five
Well, that's me done. I'll find some other activity to fill the void at some point in the future, but ascii has reached its final screening. Laters.
ten / october / oh five
Got judge's comments back from the ASPA awards:

".. (and this is my guilty little indulgence) Nexus' ASCII by Roy Cunningham. It's clip-art, but for the most part it's used very well and damn but it's funny. I'm a bad person for thinking this, I know."

"Entirely distinctive artwork, don't matter if he can't draw, he cuts out real good. Unafraid of being staggeringly offensive. Nihilism entirely intact. Would buy again. Possibly two copies, one for me mum."

"Roy Cunningham's use of cut photo images to illustrate his dialogue is a nice idea only limited by copyright of the pictures he uses. But since technology now allows a original digital images to be instantly captured and set in place, the pictures he uses could be his own. Whatever, the fresh feel that cut and pasted photos give to his compositions, combined with tight dialogue expressing the idea, make for an innovation that really works."
three / october / oh five
Went to the ASPSA Student Media Awards last weekend, and ascii got 2nd equal for best comic. Totally wasn't expecting to hear my pseudonym read out at all, as I got he impression last year that being able to draw was a largish component of their assessment.

But it was far more killer to bust it with the other student mags. I don't know whose idea it was to lead the group to the Craccum offices afterwards, as there was no booze there. I don't know whose idea it was to lead us to the kareoke bar after that, as there was no kareoke there. An entertaining bunch of chaps and dames, mind. Holla if there are any hip photos of the night worth seeing.
twenty six / september / oh five
Critic (Otago's student mag) ran an article about date rape, from the perspective of a fictional rapist with love for fat, unresponsive chicks. They got some media attention because of whichever hippies it was that complained, but the exciting part is that when interviewing the editor of the magazine on One News, a handful of my comics were visible on the wall above her computer. Fame at last.
nineteen / september / oh five
Toilet humour gets me through life.
thirteen / september / oh five
Only five more left after this one, bitches. I have sore legs.
twenty two / august / oh five
Off for another two week break. Go read a book.
fifteen / august / oh five
It's a bit lost in the comic, as the panel's small & it's black and white, but it's worth sharing the meatbra image with you. The image was loafing about an internet forum, and google claims Skuldom, my new favourite band, responsible.

"Skuldoms pro-suicide rants and throwing scalpels into the crowd (“you know what to do with them”) drew some abuse. Faeces then showed them what to do by carving a large inverted cross into his chest. This is what Satanfest is all about. After their set Faeces passed out (pussy) and was taken to hospital where he received 60 stitches and a telling off from the nurse.

More shows followed in 2003, starting with a Pungent Stench support slot in February. This was the debut of Femons' meatbra, which proved a favorite amongst carnivorous bogans"
- Skuldom

eight / august / oh five
Today someone, a female, said "'Lucy' is a really cute name for a girl. 'Clitoris' would be a a good name, if it weren't already used like it is. 'Urethra' too". I previously thought naming children after the cities they were conceived in was weird.

This week's comic may not have made it into all the usual student magazines, as I bungled the mailout last week. But you should be checking the website weekly anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem, eh?
one / august / oh five
I'm not entirely sure that this week's strip actually made it to print in any of the student magazines, because genitals are somehow 'wrong' in publication. Anyway, it's here in all its .jpg glory.
twenty five / july / oh five
A friend txted me today saying she had a good laugh at the challenged chap in the comic, making her lecture worth going to. I'm stoked to be a ray of sunshine.
eighteen / july / oh five
And that's the end of those holidays. According to the Nexus's survey, the Captain Evil comic is more popular that mine. Perhaps I should lower my production values even further. The survey also said that the magazine had too many words. Oh well.

I also got one guest art submission. If I get a couple more, I'll get around to putting them up on the site. Get to it, chaps.
seven / june / oh five
Tomorrow (8th) is me birthday. And the next few weeks will be without an update, because there's study week, exam week, then holiday weeks. If you want to help fill in the gap, send in some guest art - I've never got any of that before..
thirty / may / oh five
I don't understand life, nor do I think I'm supposed to.
twenty three / may / oh five
The new System of a Down rekkid rocks. I've also noticed that these posts are getting shorter, probably because of a lack of things to talk about, or at least anything I want to share. And I hate blogs. Mostly.
sixteen / may / oh five
I've been drawing a lot of punchlines recently, but I have to make many into jokes. The creative process is weirder than not liking tomato sauce. Thank you to the people who have been emailing me recently - I hope you like tomato sauce.

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